What is the Bij ?

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The BIJ is a youth information centre and a not-for-profit organization with an independent status but financed by the city of Brest, the local government as well as the ministry of youth and sports.

Youth information network
The Youth Information Centre of Brest (BIJ) is a part of a network of 1500 info points throughout France. Our network has adopted the European Youth Information Charter.
Brest is a large seaport situated on the Atlantic coast (300 km from Rennes which is the capital of Brittany, our region). Population of Brest : 140 000 inhabitants including 26 000 French students and 3 000 International students.

Youth information centre

The BIJ is running by a team of 6 professionals.

Our work consists in :

  • Welcoming, informing and advising the public on : higher education, vocational training, employment, cultural and sports activities, travel, housing, health, individual rights, international mobility : jobs, volunteering, studying, work placements abroad...
  • giving and spreading information up-to-dated, free and anonymous
  • collecting information in addition of the national & regional documentation produced by network partners
  • producing local edition : additional information, Brest Youth Guide, etc.
  • setting up workshops and events on : summer jobs, youth mobility, youth initiative support, housing, groups welcome with specific workshops, etc.
  • providing services : free Internet access, job offers, support to write a CV or an application letter, etc.
  • offering on-line information on our website www.bij-brest.org (only in French)

As a resource, we work in relation with social workers, youth centre, teachers, careers advisor, formal or non formal groups of youngsters, local authorities, etc.

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