European volunteering / EVS

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The European Voluntary Service (EVS) is an action of the Erasmus+ program, offering young people (between 17 and 30 years old) opportunity to live a mobility experience and to commit in other country. In 2018, the name change and it’s now called European volunteering.

It allows them to discover different culture as well as to obtain competences that are useful for social and professional insertion.

In practice, EVS allows to engage and realise general interest missions (social and cultural animation, heritage protection, youth information, helping people in difficulties, social economy and solidarity, etc.) within a non-profit structure (associations, collectivities, etc.).

Erasmus+ accreditation to receive and host EVS volunteers.


The Bij of Brest is accredited to send youngsters as EVS volunteers since 2003. Thus, each year we send around a dozen youngsters from Finistère to do an EVS in different European countries (including non-EU countries as Balkans) and for varied missions (animation, environment, etc.).


The Bij of Brest is also accredited as hosting organization since 2010 and we are hosting one volunteer each year. We have received several volunteers coming from different countries :

  • Danny (Scotland)
  • Paulina (Poland)
  • Lara (Germany)
  • Tijana (Serbia)
  • Maciej (Poland)
  • Cagdas (Turkey)
  • Michaela, (Austria)
  • Gabriel (Portugal)

Short term EVS for NEETs.

Since 2012, the Bij focused on developing and proposing short term EVS projects for young people of Finistère, whom in the European jargon we call NEET, acronym meaning “Not In Education, Employment or Training”. These project are put in place thanks to strong partnerships which we established through our years of experience.
In 2016, two projects were implemented. One in Portugal, and another one in Lithuania. In 2017, one project was implemented in Portugal. In 2019, another one in Spain.
Locally, we are putting in place projects in partnership with Mission Locale of Brest metropolitan area with Youth Department of the city of Brest.

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